Taking Lands Into Trust For Native Villages

Course Description

*A part of President Obama’s commitment to upholding the nation’s responsibilities to Indian and Alaska natives was to promulgate regulations to allow the Department of Interior to accept land into trust for federally recognized Alaska tribes and villages.

*Previously, Interior regulations allowed tribal nations in the continental United States to seek and place land into trust for development and other beneficial purposes. Trust lands also allow the tribe to benefit from federal housing and other federal grant programs, which is often only available on land that has been placed in trust.

*Taking lands into trust in Alaska will unlock tremendous potential for Alaska natives; which will promote their sovereignty and final realize their jurisdictional enforcement of their laws throughout their lands – as well as increase federal funding and protection of the health and welfare of Alaska natives.

*Learn the process of taking lands into trust and the process of securing additional support to ensure lands owned and historically significant to Alaska Natives are protected by trust status that is now available to federally recognized Alaska, villages, communities and nations.

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