New Trends In Amending Tribal Constitutions

Course Description

* A thoughtful, carefully drafted constitution is the cornerstone of a stable government, skillfully balancing the rights of the membership against those of the government and at the same time projecting a positive image of the tribe and community as an entity that deserves a positive legal standing within Indian country. Most if Not All Tribal Constitutions Need to Be Amended – Antiquated Constitutions that do not meet the needs of the Tribe fail to protect the Tribe’s membership and sovereignty;

*Is your Tribe’s constitution written to ensure an atmosphere where economic growth and prosperity is possible? Will you constitution protect the rights of your people in times of political chaos and turmoil? Will it stand the test of time for future generations, safeguarding the sovereignty, culture and traditions of the Tribe?

* Discover how attending New Trends In Amending Tribal Constitutions, a two (2) day conference devised to assist tribes and their
membership in the revision of their constitutions ~ which in most instances is a document governing a particular tribe is that antiquated and in need of revision can assist your tribe in the protection of tribal membership needs and the tribe’s overall sovereignty.

* All participants are advised to bring with them to the Seminar a copy of their existing constitutions so that existing amendment issues may be discussed during the Seminar.


Scheduled Seminars

  • Las Vegas, NV 2/14/2018 – 2/15/2018

    Westin Hotel Las Vegas
    160 E. Flamingo Rd.
    Las Vegas, NV 89109


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