Conducting Tribal Enrollment Audits

Course Description

*Tribal enrollment today is a facet of tribal sovereignty that has been decidedly controversial in recent years. Tribal revenues are considered
by many as the prime reason for the increased enrollment, based upon gaming enterprises and their lucrative financial resources. This has
caused a degree of purposeful discussion between tribal members and their leaders regarding enrollment criteria.

*This course designed by Montana & Associates will instruct tribal leaders, enrollment committee members, and other tribal officials on
issues surrounding tribal enrollment today. From blood quantum to lineal descent provisions, this course covers all areas of the tribal
enrollment process and requirements.

* DNA testing is utilized and touted as the most accurate testing method for enrollment determinations for both lineal descendency and blood
quantum tribes. However, the issue arises as how cultural beliefs play a part in this process.

* This course will include a discussion on both the pros and cons of testing methods utilized today by tribal enrollment departments.

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