Our Mission

Montana & Associates LLC is dedicated to the rights of Indian tribes on tribal reservations and other locations within the Americas. The political relationship between these sovereign American tribes and the specific other sovereign American government, this is, the government of the United States must be defined and viewed cautiously on a daily basis, if American tribes are to truly move toward a true and realistic sovereignty.

Indian tribes all share a common mental experience and this experience should and does shape who we are today as American Indians. From birth to a family, to a nation, to aboriginal territory, to finally a spiritual world unto each of our cultures, we share our common experience to survive in a world and nation that many times does recognize our differences and our individual rights. Individual experience as a tribal people should never be over shadowed by tribal governments or the national government and the operations thereof. Our individual rights and experiences collectively must consciously cement our common good, so that the future generations of our Indian children may survive and protect our customs, traditions, languages and sustain our present land bases.

The fact that we have survived in the face of fickle federal policy, war and genocide based upon the strength of our common experience – we have never allowed our tribes to perish. Although many of our leaders today speak more of gaming revenues, than sovereign treaty rights, it does not and should not hinder tribal people from promoting the overall best interests of our tribal membership. Promoting tribal government policies that truly protects the general welfare and political integrity of Indian tribes today, will make us strong from within the core of our Indian experiences.

Through education of the tribal leaders and policy makers at a tribal level is surely a means by which was a tribal people may promote and grow within our common Indian experiences. Without education and cutting-edge policies and laws, tribal governments will continue to backslide toward obscurity. By promoting education and modern tribal policy, incorporating and adhering to our cultural uniqueness will assist in bringing about a promising future for all Indian generations to come.

To this end Montana & Associates is dedicated.

Gary J. Montana
Attorney at Law